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Sausages home made

sausages spicy
INGREDIENTS sausages, homemade
800 grams of beef quality, clean skin and tendons but not fat
400 grams of pork fatter, or the same amount of sheep (fatter and it)
250 ml. concentrated beef soup (soup of beef bone fat, unsalted)
3-4 cloves garlic
1 heaped teaspoon of baking
20-25 grams of salt (with a little less or more, by how salty you like)
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper mills
1 tablespoon dried thyme (or fresh)
Optional: 1 teaspoon finely ground allspice
Optional: 1 teaspoon sweet paprika good quality

Spicy sausages already holding the country brand. From spring till late autumn, every day of celebration all over Romania smell sausages sizzling on the grill. For that would be no small grill and what to do May 1, if not hammer the grill? Perhaps there were other similar specialties peoples - Serbian cevap see - but not identical, little fellow Romanian is unique kinds of seasoning and the content of soup bones and sodium bicarbonate combination that makes him exceedingly tender.
An interesting thing: so great and authentic the love Romans for sausages, that was perhaps the first cause for Romania to beat really with the highest fora in Brussels, when, in February 2014, little was removed in without the law by European standards. And our little cause Romanian was good enough to defeat rigidity officers of the union and to win this battle that seemed impossible (sign as possible).
Well, here me out in the 1 May with a recipe sausages. The recipe is one slaughter, samples and rasprobata, and you propose in both a text and images and video version. I hope my recipe to dispel many misunderstandings about sausages and paste smaller and hope that from now to get used to doing sausages home.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fresh fasolakia recipe

Fresh fasolakia recipe

The oily beans is an eminently summer homemade food in most causes nostalgic memories from their mommy. And there because in my view the only problem of this otherwise wonderful Greek dish.
green bean 1Giati my experience, having eaten the food that many mothers and grandmothers, not all my own, of course (!), is that the disadvantage to the way you cook. And so train accidentally delicious criterion I their children (ye say), that in cases like these, do not dare to resist and rebel against the previous generation, adopting and perpetuating the wrong culinary practices. I see also in the office, in the bowl from the oily beans that bring colleagues in the kitchen for lunch, not envy them, but to help to understand exactly what is done.
So what are the criminal errors and omissions of the outgoing generation so painstakingly, affection and proderm, we introduced him to the secrets of fresh bean as oily?Beans laderaDyo simple things done wrong repeatedly in the opinion of an "ungrateful" innovator of urban kitchen is not afraid to confront the "misconceived" tradition.First and foremost, that our mothers, we learned to boil the beans so much in cooking, so we can eat them without teeth and secondly, it is customary to swim in a dish with tomato too juices, water and oil.
So here we come to Craxi "resist"!Why this is the key word in an otherwise very simple recipe. Resistance!Resistance at three points, which are in my opinion the three secrets of modernist view, for this perfect otherwise traditional recipe for green beans tomato sauce:
Secret 1: Resist the paravrasmena beans
Beans when cooked should resist your bite, stays crisp, you feel that has life, vigor, freshness summer throbbing health. Not that self-indulgent thing that opens and allows the spores from the green beans to go to the plate and take a walk Av 'sauce.
The broad beans, tomato sauce, must be whole and every mouthful you feel resistance in your teeth, both from the green shell, and from the delicious starchy bean 'Kinder Surprise' hiding inside.This is a matter of little cooking technique and little continence in total cooking times. Regarding technical, the proposal of the recipe is to cook for 8-10 minutes the green beans in the oil before adding water, unlike most documented recipes.
Choris go into great scientific analyzes during cooking water in vegetables as alkaline, the softened, while the oil keeps vigorous (due to osmosis from outside inwards and not vice versa as to the water). So long as the fry oil, the more their cells keep their water and thus in the end they come out crispy. As boil water, the water from their cells, comes the water that is boiled and thus soften.
Secret 2: Resist the tomato
The oily beans do not want a lot of tomatoes. The tomato not playing in the second but in the third level, then the parsley and onion. Resist and tomato paste and tomato sauce. Only tomato rubbed on a grater or in small pieces and little in quantity so as not kapelosei wonderful fresh flavor of the bean.
This does not note is that Directive by traditional and innovative not my own, but I share 100%, because it reflects the correct culinary philosophy that aims to bring a main material. And this on our plate is the bean rather than the tomato.Fasolakia-Ladera_20150820_0087Mystiko 3: Resist much water, without counting
Every time you see a greasy dish swimming in juices, a cute bunny, drowning the creek, because the cook! Well, maybe not exactly like that, but this nerompouli in paravrasmena oily foods causes me my retching and feeling erupt and improvisation!
The oily foods must be served with oil dressing, often containing dense onion tomato and herbs composition without TRACE water. Neither drop please!The only reason the oily served as nerompoulia is that most traditional housewives have allergy to the exact count of the materials in cooking, feel cooking as an obligation and not as a creation and have certainly learned to paravrasmena vegetables. So throwing plenty of water there at the beginning not burn the food, do their jobs, and when they remember they go and earn. No madam! Resist the sloppy and make your food with love and precision!

Charaktiristika recipe:
Very easy traditional recipe from the very convenience often neglect the basics of secrets and comes subordinate to the ideal. It takes 15 minutes to clean the beans and the preparation of materials and other 45 'in cooking. You must be from but up until the blanching the beans and often controlled the process of cooking and use a minimum of water and wants attention.How alntente wants everyone beans is subjective, but if you are not accustomed, I suggest you train your taste in this most modern and healthy logic and will appreciate over time.
Ingredients (4 people)
1kg broad beans gross = 850gr. cleaned1 large potato cut into frames1 carrot into half rings1 ½ onion chopped250 g. grated tomato½ cup chopped parsley400 milliliters of hot water1 tsp sugar70 milliliters. Virgin olive oil for cooking and 50ml. extra virgin for servingSalt Pepper2 cloves garlic (very optional and only if you insist, the address does not recommend it!)
1. Wash the beans and then clean them by cutting the two edges. Where have nerves (capillary fibers in the lateral side) that the feeling to resist cutting, remove them and them. If your beans are very far away, cut them in half. From 1 kg gross beans calculate a 15% wastage, ie the net 850 g.

Oily beans and their Secrets 12. In wide pan on medium heat and put the oil for sautéing heat up. Just burn pour onion, potato and carrot to sotaristei for 5 minutes, stirring. Add in a spoonful of sugar in the process.

Oily beans and their Secrets 23. Add the green beans and stir in order to go down some oil and n 'start sautéed. Per minute mix that gradually all the green beans have gotten a good dose sautéing in oil for about 8 minutes.

Oily beans and their Secrets 34. Add the sauce of crushed tomatoes and 400 milliliters. hot water and stir.

Oily beans and their Secrets 45. 20 add salt, pepper and parsley and mix well. Depending on the fire and your pan slowly the amount of water would theoretically diminishes in 15 minutes more, will remain a minimum while the beans are ready and crunchy. Because each dish, cuisine, green beans and taste is slightly different, in the last quarter control the amount of fluids and try every now and beans. If you want your beans less alntente, add a little more water, but with care and per 100 milliliters., That no left over at the end and come out the food as ugly nerompouli.
Oily beans and their Secrets 5
Leave the food for at least 15 minutes before serving, to come to room temperature and to tie the flavors. Add in fresh willingness extra virgin olive oil and fresh pepper and serve with good bread and cheese. Ideally accompanied by a Grimbergen Blonde that the fruity character, fits perfectly with the crunchy and your fragrant beans.

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How to prepare fluffy pancakes after an easy recipe for pancakes. What mistakes you shouldn't do


Fastest dessert, preferably both, kids and grown with great potential for reinvention. Suffice to find a filling most unusual presentation or a more special and "mundane pancakes" can become a spectacular dessert.

PANCAKES INGREDIENTS, delicious and fluffy: Serving 10 pancakes, you need 100 grams flour, 300 ml of cold milk (which can be replaced with as much mineral water - variant of post), two eggs (to be waived in variant of post), a spoonful of sugar, a tablespoon of oil, a teaspoon of grated lemon, a pinch of salt and a bicarbonate.

Mix the ingredients - preferably with a mixer - to obtain a homogeneous, lump-free. Take a ladle and pour in sequence composition in a hot pan (if pan is quality, no need to put oil. If it has, however, adhesions, it is good to place before the first pancake few drops of oil). Allow each pancake to brown two - three minutes on each side, then take on a platter stacked. RECIPE PANCAKES. When all are done, place the stuffing - preferences and imagination (jam, chocolate, chocolate and walnuts, sweet cheese with sugar and egg, fruit and whipped cream).
RECIPE PANCAKES 1. Do not prepare the dough long before:
The more fresh, the pancakes they will get better. The ideal is to do it right then. It takes less than 10 minutes.

RECIPE PANCAKES 2. Do not use a thin pan:
As not to burn the pancakes, I am recommended to use a thicker pan and cooker fire to be given to the environment, and not the sea.

RECIPE PANCAKES 3. Do not mix too much dough:
The America's Test Kitchen to warn that you should not mix too much dough for gluten flour with egg proteins will begin to react and you get some pancakes coated.

Rice with chicken and vegetables

rice with chicken and vegetables

Formulation Type: Other
Number of servings: 8 servings
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Ready in 30 minutes
Difficulty: Very easy

We fried diced meat or whole, depending on how you want, and it is golden add the chopped onion and garlic, carrot and green pepper diced.
We leave to cook, and then unite tomato and rice. We let it 1-2 minutes, stirring, then add almost three times more water than rice. Depends type than can be 2 parts water and one orez. We put salt to taste, stirring easy. Put with a lid and give the mic. No mix all here incolo. We stop before being absorbed all the water and let it rest at least 10 minutes. We ate a whole plate with enormous appetite dotare. Between risotto and Turkish pilafuri forgotten the taste of rice with chicken and vegetables at home.

Boiled corn


Method of preparation:
Choose four corns, which they can test cutting grantee little fingernail. If out milk are good for cooking.

Them out of Panu, top break them and put them in boiling water overwhelmed. To taste better cover them first with some Panu and then with a lid. I let boil for 15 minutes and then close the cooker. After 15 minutes ii out of the water, we sprinkle salt on them and serve.

Chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley

Chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley
Chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley is an ideal meat recipes for a delicious dinner in the family.

2 pieces chicken breast 50g butter 1 tablespoon flour 50 ml fresh milk 150 ml cream 4 cloves garlic parsley oil salt pepper fried chicken

Method of preparationFor chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley chicken I washed, I dried it thoroughly with paper towels, and cut a medium pieces (not too small). I salted and peppered his chest cuts and I left to rest any hour in the refrigerator. After 1 hour, I fried in hot oil breast, and when he was ready, I cried and I held until I prepared hot sauce.I melted the butter over low heat. I added a tablespoon of flour and I quickly mixed. I faded a little sweet milk and cream. If the sauce is too thick, dilute with a little milk is also sweet. I salted and peppered, I added garlic, and left a few minutes on low heat.Fried chicken pieces we put in a pyrex dish, I added the meat sauce of sour cream. I gave the oven for about 20 minutes. Then I added finely chopped parsley and I gave oven 5 minutes. I put 1 tablespoon Vegeta and then I left for about another 5 minutes.Chicken in cream sauce I served with polenta and hot!