Friday, September 2, 2016

Chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley

Chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley
Chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley is an ideal meat recipes for a delicious dinner in the family.

2 pieces chicken breast 50g butter 1 tablespoon flour 50 ml fresh milk 150 ml cream 4 cloves garlic parsley oil salt pepper fried chicken

Method of preparationFor chicken in cream sauce, garlic and parsley chicken I washed, I dried it thoroughly with paper towels, and cut a medium pieces (not too small). I salted and peppered his chest cuts and I left to rest any hour in the refrigerator. After 1 hour, I fried in hot oil breast, and when he was ready, I cried and I held until I prepared hot sauce.I melted the butter over low heat. I added a tablespoon of flour and I quickly mixed. I faded a little sweet milk and cream. If the sauce is too thick, dilute with a little milk is also sweet. I salted and peppered, I added garlic, and left a few minutes on low heat.Fried chicken pieces we put in a pyrex dish, I added the meat sauce of sour cream. I gave the oven for about 20 minutes. Then I added finely chopped parsley and I gave oven 5 minutes. I put 1 tablespoon Vegeta and then I left for about another 5 minutes.Chicken in cream sauce I served with polenta and hot!

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